Potted berries

Sunday was a productive afternoon in the garden. The mild weather was a pleasant change from the strong winds and cold evenings.

A large long box arrived from The Diggers Club a fortnight ago, so it was time to repot some of the miniature fruit trees into large plastic pots. We now have a babaco and berries – goose, marion, and two types of raspberry. I haven’t worked out a good home for the spiky berries, so they will temporarily live next to the other fruit trees. We also repotted three different guavas – pineapple, Chilean and yellow.

Our older native raspberry had three red fruit ready so it was time for the long awaited taste test. Matt thought it was pretty tasteless and I thought it was tart.

I finished off the forth bed with some seedlings of mini white cauliflower and baby broccoli. I  added some silverbeet and tomatoes in the bare patches. All four beds are now full and hopefully it won’t be long before they start producing more. It feels like cheating buying seedlings, but they save me a month of so of growing time.

The choko and passionfruit vines have slowed down and are dying back.

The peas are so delicious off the bush that there haven’t been enough to make it into a boiling pot of water for dinner.

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  1. This is such an awesome idea. I applaud your efforts. I’m so jealous that you can get crops of peas and raspberries in the middle of winter!

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