Keeping records: plant album

Last year, we visited an open garden that was professionally designed on a tiny inner-city block of land. The garden was framed by a white picket fence and a violet bougainvillea boldly crept over the top veranda of the terraced house.  It would have been hard not to have been impressed by the sheer number and variety of plants squeezed in.

And then I found a pocket photo album filled with colourful plant tags and that’s what caught my eye!

At home I tipped an old shoebox upside down, and out fell my collection of ratty plant labels, tags and markers. I cleaned off all the dirt from the best plant tags and sorted them into similar shapes and brands. It was time to give them a proper home in a plant label album. I also added side notes of where they were planted in the garden. You could also add the date planted and any special notes you want to remember.

One thought on “Keeping records: plant album”

  1. Thats a great idea! I’m really slack at keeping track of what I plant and when – I think a system like this would be a great help.

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