Permablitz in Australia


“Changing the world, one garden at a time”
– Kim Glasgow

Permablitz started in April 2006 with a collaboration between permaculture students and a South American community group in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, many more permablitzs have been held and it has gained an international reputation as a successful tool for fast-tracking the suburbs towards sustainability.

A permablitz is an informal gathering involving a day on which a group of people come together to transform backyards into productive, edible gardens at someone’s home. Permablitzs require you to help out at three or more other blitzes before having one at your own home.

The network runs on reciprocity and each blitz always includes a permaculture design.

“Permablitz is a social enterprise committed to improving the sustainability of our cities and suburbs. We use a sustainable design system called permaculture to help communities move away from denial and dependent consumerism to engagement and responsible production. Our core focus is helping people sustainably grow food where they live, building healthy communities in the process. Rather than depressing people with the bad news, we empower them with the good news – that solutions are at hand – and get on with having fun rolling them out” – Dan Palmer.

“Our ultimate aim is to make the suburbs edible enough such that should food become unaffordable, we don’t even notice.”

It’s great to see a simple idea such as Permablitz is gaining momentum and growing throughout Australia.

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