How to create a garden wish list

This exercise will help you to design your dream garden and compile a garden wish list. Forget about cost and labour for the moment. This is a brainstorming exercise, so the sky’s the limit. Ask other family members what they would like.

You may like to draw your answers as a mind map. If you have any old gardening magazines, you could cut out the pictures you like and create a dream board. Write down the names of any plants you would like. Add as much detail as you can to your wish list.

Ideas for your garden wish list

Here are some ideas to start you off:

Food Production  Bush tucker (native) plants
 Exotic edible plants
 Herb spiral or garden
 Fruit and nut trees
 Mandela and keyhole beds
 No-dig garden
 Perennials
 Vegetables beds
Fauna  Beehive
 Birdbath
 Companion plants
 Chickens
 Nesting box
Flora  Native plants
 Firebreak
 Trellising
 Windbreak
Energy  BBQ or wood fired oven
 Outdoor lighting
Water  Drip system
 Gray water hose
 Grey water system
 Pond
 Water tank
Waste  Compost
 Worm farm
Entertaining and relaxing  Bench or hammock
 Outdoor seating and table
 Meditation area
Senses  Aromatic plants
 Pretty flowers
Landscaping  Fence
 Garage
 Greenhouse
 Mulching
 Pathways
 Shed
 Shade house
Kids  Climbing trees
 Fairy garden
 Sandpit
 Swimming pool
 Treehouse
Other  Gardening clothes
 Tools
 Wheelbarrow

The first step was the garden vision. What’s currently on your gardening wish list?

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