Cut and come again or pick-and-pluck plants

Try saying that three times quickly. Cut and come again plants are sometimes called pick and pluck. They are a certain type of edible plant that can yield for a long period of time. Instead of picking a whole plant, simply pick off a few of the outer leaves as required. The main plant will continue to grow and produce more.

Here’s my future plan for a path side plucking area:

Divide your space up into a number of areas. The first area could be for salad ingredients that don’t need cooking. The second area could be used for the plants that need cooking before eating. You may like to also add an herbal spiral or garden nearby, perhaps in a pot or by reusing half a wine barrel for herbs like basil, mint, and parsley etc.

This area is designed to be fairly low maintenance, so I’ve given preference to perennials (p) and self-seeding (ss) plants. For some colour and interest add some edible flowers such as calendula, chamomile, cornflower, geranium, lavender, nasturtiums, stock, sunflower and violets.

For apartments and small areas, you could grow a selection of some of the smaller plants in pots or Styrofoam containers.

Some of these may be considered weeds in your area, so please check first. If you are having trouble sourcing seed try your local seedsavers or a wildflower supplier.

No cooking required

Cook these

For more information try Salad Leaves for All Seasons by Charles Dowding. Patrick Whitefield has plans for a ‘minimalist garden’ in his book on permaculture called The Earth Care Manual.

Written in part for a permaculture assignment.

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