Carless and careless

The drama of this week was our car’s starter engine giving up the ghost. Usually we only make one grocery trip per week, with maybe an odd top up mid-week. Without a car, it took us three attempts to complete the weekly shopping. The corner store stocks most things and is only a 15 minute walk. I also got some fresh fruit and vegetables from the local Sunday markets which was a 45 minute round trip by train. The prices are reasonable and there’s a good variety, but sometimes the produce is a bit rough looking. It’s pretty frustrating without a car, even if we only use it on the weekends.

Luckily there are plenty of beans in the freezer. We also harvested some purple and white flecked eggplant and some plain pumpkin. We ate two gorgeous aromatic rockmelons, and the watermelon is still going strong.

The corn has petered out, and I’ve since learnt that you shouldn’t plant two different varieties of corn that close together as they might cross pollinate. I’ve started to pull out the stalks that have browned off and added them back into the compost bins.

We both attempted to bandicoot some potatoes but neither of us has found any yet. There are two possibilities, we are either not digging down deep enough or the no-dig layering was still composting when we put the potatoes in and the soil was too hot. We are both leaning towards the second answer, as there were no plants at the centre of the plantings (where it would have been the hottest). This was a real shame as we were hoping for a big bounty to boost our progress total.

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