Where to buying seeds online in Australia

If you are new to buying seeds there are thousands of different varieties to choose from. You may like to consider:

Heirloom seeds have stood the test of time. Each time they are chosen from the best plants, so you progressively get seeds which suit the climate, give good yields and taste great. Modern hybrids are selected for looking good on a grocery store shelf and transporting long distances. For example, hybrid tomatoes often have thick skins. Hybrid plants may crop all at once, while heirloom seeds tend to crop over a longer period which makes them more suitable for the home grower.

There are a number of good places to buy heirloom and/or organic seeds in Australia:

List of heirloom and/or organic seeds in Australia

I was surprised to stumble across some heirloom seeds on eBay. You can also buy some seeds on Etsy, but the sellers are mostly American. I’ve not bought seeds from overseas as I imagine that Australian Customs would quickly quarantine them.

Seed Savers is another option.

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