Bush tucker for backyards

Before we got interested in growing our own food, we planted over a hundred Australian natives around our garden borders. Grevilleas are our favourite, and I’m pretty sure you could fill an entire backyard with all the different varieties.

Last year we attended a session on bush tucker at Kumbartcho by Jan Sked, and realized that if we had chosen a little better we could have added more bush tucker plants in our garden. It’s really important to correctly identify any plant you wish to eat or cook with because many natives have poisonous berries and leaves.

Here are some Australian plants that are edible and suitable for a suburban backyard.

If you are interested in exploring native food cooking, grab a copy of the self-published “Go Native – Wild Food Cookbook” by Jan Sked (email: jansked@powerup.com.au). Here are some of the better cookbooks as recommended by Jan Sked:

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