Top food trends at the moment


Just for a bit of fun, I thought I’d list the top food trends of the moment:

  1. Coconut products – coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut yoghurt. Did you know you could even get coconut vinegar and coconut sugar?
  2. Fermented foods – are sell outs at our local markets, but I’m starting to see it pop up in the popular press with recipes for people to try making them at home.
  3. Bacon wrapped foods – including plaited bacon covering roasts and eggs wrapped in bacon ‘muffins’.
  4. Whole roasted cauliflower
  5. Grass-fed meat – because it is healthier for you and healthier for the animals. It’s starting to appear in the major supermarkets.
  6. Drinking out of glass jars and old-fashioned milk bottles. Now selling in Kmart.
  7. Boutique coffee roasters
  8. Sugar-free diet. Lead by Sarah Wilson and her I Quit Sugar books.
  9. The paleo diet.
  10. Watercress is the new kale. Recently topping a super foods list.

Ghee and lard, intermittent fasting and making your own alternate milks just missed out. I’ve also noticed pineapple motifs are becoming popular.

What food trends have you noticed recently?

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4 thoughts on “Top food trends at the moment”

  1. Essential oils, AIP Protocol, Gluten Free, Seeds, Aztec super-foods like Maca and Chia seeds, and you know everything has to be organic and non gmo, and at least things for the most part are trending healthy, my advice is look and take what fits into your life and what makes you feel good, don’t believe all the hype on anything. I love coconut almond milk because i’m lactose intolerant, I do some fermenting as I’d rather get my bugs from foods than pills, and knew they were good for you before all the hype, Some of the AIP protocol happens to be good if you have auto-immune illnesses, as you avoid night-shade foods, as for all the variety of seeds and and Aztec super-foods I’m still deciding since I’ve be “GLUTEN FREE” per my DOCTOR as I’ve had a birage of digestive issues, and it does help, essential oil can be a great addition to your life a many time they are better then Pharmaceuticals, but don’t be taken in by the over priced, Multi-Level-Marketed, oils such as Youngs or DoTerra, they aren’t superior as they claim, do your research. But as they say in recovery meetings for those of us in “RECOVERY” take what you want and leave the rest, some of the trends are hype and B.S., but if you do your research, and try it, if you like it add it to your life, if not don’t do it or buy it just cause it’s “IN”.

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