Food trends for 2016

Mixed Media painting by Emma Crameri

What are your food predictions for the coming year?

Here are ours:

  1. Reintroducing food from our childhood, such as Polly Waffles as The Great Aussie Waffle Log by Chocolate Works.
  2. Workshops in canning and preservation.
  3. What about camel milk? Any one?
  4. Seaweed as the new kale.
  5. Cuisines from the Scandinavia. Rotting fish, sustainably produced reindeer and lingonberry desserts. It’s not just about IKEA food anymore.
  6. The United Nations has dubbed 2016 as International Year of the Pulse. They are inexpensive and versatile. We love a good lentil curry.
  7. Fermented foods of all varieties. Our favourite brands were Peace, Love and Vegetables and Kitsna’s Kitchen. We hope the price of jars and crockpots and starters will come down in price.
  8. Smashed cucumber instead of avocado on toast.
  9. Craft artisan food and beverage tours. We love the Bean Brewding coffee tours. Have you tried a coffee and cheese matching tour?
  10. Small-batch hard liquor, such as gin, mescal and tequila.
  11. Selling sea water for cooking purposes.

Let’s hope we see the end of cronuts (a croissant-doughnut hybrid), cruffins (croissant crossed with a muffin) and freakshakes (oversized milkshakes, generally with doughnuts stuffed in them). So unhealthy.

For more restaurants and cafes tips in the South East of Queensland, please feel free to follow my recommendations on Yelp.

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