Transition tip: Create a Personal Energy Descent Action Plan (PEDAP)


Transition tip: Create a Personal Energy Descent Action Plan (PEDAP)

A Personal Energy Descent Action Plan (PEDAP) is a plan for dealing with Peak Oil and climate change at the family or household level. The aim of the plan is to head towards a more localized, lower energy and sustainable lifestyle.  A family may get together and have a brainstorming session about their goals and ideas on how to achieve this.

  1. Start with some butchers paper, coloured pens and some paper stickies
  2. Across the top divide the page up into 20 years including 5 year increments to cover the next 20 years
  3. Down the left hand side add the following categories:
  • Emergency Preparation
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Food
  • Home
  • Health
  • Transportation
  • Waste
  • Water

As you come up with ideas add them to a paper sticky and then place them in the time frame when you think they are achievable.

Add some of the transition tips or personal household preparation suggestions as appropriate.

Don’t forget to document the plan (perhaps typing it up) and celebrate your success. Have some fun with it.

Case Studies

Have you created a Personal Energy Descent Plan yet?

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