Sugar Free Body Blitz – Tracking sugar intake

Sugar Free Body Blitz

Once you start looking for sugar on labels you’ll find it hidden in lots of unexpected places. As part of easing in to a sugar-free diet, this week we’ll start tracking our sugar intake. Write down what you have eaten, the amount of sugar and how you felt or the reason you ate the food. Then think of a substitute for next time you are in the same situation.

For example, here is my sugar intake for the last few days:

Food eaten Amount of sugar Reason Substitute
Gluten free gingernuts 6.4g Wanted to finish off the packet and not waste money. Now not in the cupboard, so not a temptation.
Biscuits at morning tea not sure. Were homemade. Was being polite. Take savoury morning tea to craft class.
Fresh orange juice 69g Use up three oranges. Mandarins are easier to eat whole.
Takeaway hot chocolate not sure Was at cafe and forgot about the sugary syrup and marshmallows. Order coffee or tea instead.
Hot chocolate at home 1tsp  Was bored. Try with honey or Stevia and pure cacao powder. Have a herbal tea instead.
Lindt chocolate 5g Finishing off the packet. AntiOx Chocolate (stevia)
Tea 1tsp Morning habit. Now having tea without sugar.

Sugar Stacks may help with the amount of sugar in a particular food.

What sugary food have you been eating lately?

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