Last bed planted

We planted seeds in the last and fourth bed today. This bed took longer then the rest because we had to remove a papaw tree that was in the space. Papaws have shallow roots so it would have stolen water and nutrients from the vegetable bed. We also don’t care for the fruit and, as a result, it was an easy decision to remove it. Matt’s dad volunteered to chainsaw it down – a relatively easy job. Digging up the roots, however, was hot and painfully hard work. Each root burrowed a long way along from the base, making excavation a tedious process. We prepared the bed the same way we did the others – using the no-dig method and left it for a month to decompose.

Anyhow, back to the seeds. Today we planted:

Bed four:

  • Capsicum: Zorzi Quadrato d’asti x3; The Diggers Club mini sweet x 3
  • Tomato: Lost Seed Broad ripple yellow currant x2; Brandywine x 2; Green zebra x2
  • Pumpkin: The Diggers Club mini sweet delicata x1; Franchi Marina di chioggia x1
  • Cucumber: Eden’s Green gem x 1; Lost Seed’s Armenian x1
  • Zucchini: Lost Seed Black beauty x1; The Diggers Club black beauty x1

The rest of the vegetables beds are doing well….

Bed one:

  • The pink eye and kipfler potatoes are all up. About a third of the nicolas are also up. The king edwards are struggling with only about an eighth up.
  • There are 4 watermelons and 4 rockmelons up. I replanted the mixed rockmelon – I suspect one of the seed got washed over next to another plant, so I removed it because it was too close.
  • No strawberries yet.

Bed two:

  • We have not had much luck with lettuce in the past, so it came as no surprise to see only two little plants under a centimetre.
  • The golden bantam corn is going great guns (10 up), but on the flip side the bali corn is showing a dismal display with only one plant growing. I replanted the missing ones.
  • The beans are doing really well with 25 plants growing. Although three are looking a little worse for the wear – probably storm damage. They haven’t been staked yet.
  • I snuck in two seeds for The Diggers Club black russian tomatoes at the end of the bed.

Bed three:

  • The squash are our healthiest looking plants at the moment.
  • The beans here are also doing well with the majority of them up. A few stragglers.
  • The eggplants are disappointing with no shows of one type and the others have a few under a centimetre.
  • No sign of the rosellas yet.

Matt’s mum commented that is was probably the wrong time of year to be growing potatoes. Sweet potato might have been a better choice, although Matt’s not so keen on it. Matt thinks the rosellas aren’t growing because it might be the wrong type of soil for them.

Overall, we’re pretty happy with how things are progressing.

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