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This is an inspirational list of one hundred popular recipes that I’d like to cook over my lifetime. Like many people I’ve been collecting recipes for years, and I finally decided to turn that very vague goal of wanting to be a better cook into something measurable.

It’s something to inspire you to try out new recipes, explore different cooking techniques and flavours. I’ve also learnt about the history of these dishes, famous chefs and why certain flavours are a classic marriage.

Along with the recipes I’ve collected along the years that I’ve been meaning to try one day, the list of one hundred originated from a number of different sources:

The list started off about twice as long, so I narrowed it down to Australian, British and European recipes. The list of outtakes can be found here.

I encourage you to make your own list of ‘100 recipes to cook in your lifetime‘ and explore your own countries’ cuisine.

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    What an excellent effort. The recipes have been well researched. The multimedia and other website references are really helpful. Such a lot of work has gone into this challenge, well done!


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