Review: Brisbane Delis


Before our car became unpredictable, we used to enjoy exploring all the delicatessen and foreign food shops in Baklava Street, Brisbane. Behind the pub on the corner there is a small fresh fruit and vegetable market on Saturdays. Since our last visit Samios Foods has closed down and the prices have predictably risen.

As our challenge is about trying to reduce our carbon footprint, I am more conscious of the decision to purchase locally and Australian made products. I was pleased to discover the Indian Foods shop contained many Australian products at wholesale prices. I felt I was less tempted than I have been in the past, and trying a new product just because it was foreign has lost some of is novelty.

Pennisi Cuisine
17 Balaclava Street, Woolloongabba,
Phone: 07 3891 7643
Open 7 days

Pennisi has goodies from Italy, Spain, Balkans, Russia, Poland, Czech, Greece, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Middle East, Brazil, Argentina and Latin America. Known as the best place to buy cheese in Brisbane. We purchased aborio rice, polenta, bread, black beans, jamon, smoked paprika and tapas pottery dishes.

All India Foods Wholesaler
31 Balaclava St, Woolloongabba
Phone: (07) 3391 1420
Open 7 days

All India Foods has a vast array of spices, pulses and rice at affordable prices. They also have a number of gluten-free flours and almond meal at a fraction of the prices you’d find at the health shop. Here we bought chutney, cumin, coriander, green split peas, and pappadums.

Restaurant review: Atomica Eat Drink

‘Atomica Eat Drink’ is in the middle of the main shopping area of West End at 173 Boundary Street. The menu is reasonably priced and offers all day breakfasts, fancy rolls and several specials. I had the vegetarian breakfast with poached eggs. I don’t like mushrooms and fortunately I was allowed to replaced them with some bacon (otherwise my plate might have been a bit bare!) My meal had fantastic bread and sweet potato hash, and a side of spinach and a watery tomato. Big M had a fancy sandwich with roast pumpkin, mushroom, feta, babganoush and rocket on Turkish bread, which was too light with only one slice of bread. The service was slow and the décor was standard café. Overall the place needs a little pepping up.
3 stars

Atomica Eat Drink on Urbanspoon

Restaurant review: Cafe Conti

Cafe Conti

Cafe Conti has been named “Brisbane’s Best Breakfast”. Holy, that’s something we couldn’t pass up. We were one of the first people to arrive at the Wilston corner cafe last Sunday. I ordered one ‘Conti’ (2 poached eggs, doorstop toast, bacon, roast tomato for $10.50) and Big M ordered the generously served plate of 2 Beef sausages, bacon, 3 poached eggs, roast tomato, toast all for only $14.00. We both polished off our meals and after licking our lips agreed on 4.5 stars for the meal. With very reasonable prices – it was easy to see why the breakfast was a finalist. Highly recommended.
4 stars

P.S. If you are lucky you’ll catch Graham in the same shirt (like we did!)…. and the photo of the breakfast is pretty accurate too!

(Photo and article above from Brisbane Style Magazine)

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Road Trip: Hervey Bay

Humpback whale

Big M and I went off to Hervey Bay for a few nights. We went mainly to go whale-watching. Our big mistake was choosing a cruise based on the “gourmet lunch”. It was a lovely lunch, but we hardly ate any for fear of the sea-sicknesses! Lots of whales, but make sure you pick a large vessel for your whale-watching experience.

Holidays are always a good excuse for eating out, so we tried a number of the local restaurants.

The first night I had “Lamb shanks and vegetables” – normally nothing to write home [or blog] about, except the waif-thin waitress said “I often have the shanks after work, but I can only manage one!”. I replied that I’d had a some help from Big M. Then she said “Just imagine, in the old days they used to be considered dog food!”

There were two food spots we would recommend. “Gringo’s” do excellent and affordable Mexican food. Big M had the nachos, and I had two tacos with Mexican rice. They can adjust the chilli level to your liking, or in my case leave it out.

The other place we enjoyed was “Arkarra” restaurant and Balinese tea gardens. There is a lovely walk around the lagoons with plenty of wildlife (mainly birds) to look out for. Big M had the “club sandwich”, and I had “calamari with sweet potato spiral fries”. Both were good, so….

Lambs Fry

We decided to visit again for breakfast. I was in an adventurous frame of mind and decided to try the “Lamb’s fry and bacon with onion gravy”. Big M had “scrambled eggs and bacon”. Lamb’s Fry is usually liver, and maybe other pieces of offal. It’s robust texture goes well in pies. I really enjoyed it, although perhaps a little too overpowering for breakfast regularly.