Alternatives to disposable sanitary products

Cloth menstrual pads are economical and environmentally friendly. They can be made with any absorbent material. I think unbleached cotton is the best, but hemp or cotton fleece would also work.

There are plenty of printable patterns online to make a reusable pad at home.

Simply rinse the reusable pads in cold water and soak in a basin of cold water until you are ready to put them in the washing machine with any other load of washing. The soaking water can be used on your garden – it is a natural product after all!

And why not also try a reusable cup instead of a tampon:

One thought on “Alternatives to disposable sanitary products”

  1. Don’t forget Sea Sponges (I get mine from Jade and Pearl). They are less messy than cloth pads and you can wear them swimming. There is also no feminine odor as there sometimes is with externally worn womens hygiene products.

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